Genesis and Mind

The original nature of the mind is described in Genesis.Whether this is historical or whether we are born with original sin is in question.Both can be true, or at least apply to this scripture.The psychiatry in Genesis is in line with modern day psychiatry.Sight is lost and regained again after attaining knowledge.Sight being the objective of good mental health and inteligence.The normal member of a community should be aware that he is not sighted, in most circumstances.The societies norm therefore is that we do not see and this is considered the criteria that we can see, although it sounds contradictory.

The root of the forensics are seen here in that to be ignorant of the above, can activate risks that are not appropriately targetted.Thus cleints of the mental health system are not required to "get well" or see again.They are required to see that they do not "see".This software update removes the risk.

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In Memory of Frank Norman.

This is a total connection to the message.i am including two fabulous books by an ex-prisonner who made the big tie after release, althugh they did shut him up eventjally.he died aged 50.
John Fran Norman, a Barnodos boy he served three years in Camp Hill,Isle of Wight and wrote a good few books before passing away in 1980.
I will recommend and link two of them on amazon, albeit secondhand, because they are out of print.

Cheaper copies are available at
John Frank Norman June 9th 1930 - Dec 23rd 1980.</b>

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Alternatively pay for someone who is active to publish your information notes, and share the costs involved.That should be very cheap.

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My Album "Do What Happens"

I am not a big head or bread head from Patmoors point of view, but my rent bills etc have to be paid,,Also I would like to leave a record of my stay in the bHouse, same as did Richard Dadd.
Freedom being the idea I try to put into the music.My Statement,so to speak.

Do What Happens Album

This album can be listened to on YouTube link which is on the Home page of my website.Buy a copy, digital or CD at: or the link above.

(no subject) link to Wikipedia article Richard Dadd.

Image-Dadd - Fairy Feller's.jpg
By Richard Dadd - [1], Public Domain, Link

I have spent time in the Bethlam and Broadmoor myself,17 years before the modernization of these places, where the flavour of the history, ghosts and memories of the past linger in the corridors and stories are past on by word of mouth.Where no outsider ever gets to see these incarcerated souls, who are not going to see the outside world again.This was the case for Richard Dadd.Born in 1817 and died in 1886 at 69 years,due to chronic lung desease.Dadd went a bit mad it seems after he come back from Egypt where he had spent time under the starlit desert night skies,out in the open with a tribe of Nomads,with whom he had blown his mindsmoking cannabis.
He ended up killing his dad when he returned and sent to the Bethlam.He had been a good artist and won a scholarship to the Royal Academy of Arts at the age of 20.He was 26 by this time(1843),and stayed at the Bethlam until he was 46.He produced his masterpiece between it was finished off within 1 or 2 years after being transferred to Broadmoor.He had no painting materials, brushes, paints was created out of strands of his own hair, and left over beetroot and suchlike coloured dyes from food stuffs, tea etc,that he manufactured himself.
Having been in a similar predicament, I can predict what was foremost concerning Richard Dadd in this situation.firstly, 24 hours a day would be on his mind that he would have to overcome this imprisonment.Additionally means to doing so would have been considered by hook or crook.Also money, or lack of it would have been a majort factor.
He was also an Aertist and the inreligent man in this position would not ignore the neccessatiy of writing a book that was not normally possible to write.In this case paint a picture to put the experience onto paper.Very much a message in a bottle.So he concieved this masterpeice.It is very good.But,dont be fooled, on his mind as a major factor was the selling and making money out of this work.Had he been suceesful in getting his painting recognized at the time, he would have facilitated his freedom and financial security.