Patmoor (patmoor) wrote,

Hamish Back from Italy

It has not come to my attention that this page is being visited by the client/users of the mental health system. I am still hoping that this will be the case and some mutual work can be done.
I am myself keeping busy and endeavouring to escape the ever threatenning internment politics, being a totally free man at present, from the systems prgramn. still no friend of mind, and still I am in a stroonger position to criticise on your behalf. Of courase if you do not know already i was a high catorgory case for 25 years.
yes life is still very diffuicult and formulas alter to keep up with peo,lple like me.
Music is my card. I am just fortunate to have a gift there and it gives me a meaning and and occupation which is very independant of politics and shit. Earning aliving, is the bottom line of things, for independance sake, and it gives me potential to do this. Earning a living for our type can be just another way of clocjing into the doctors office 3 times a day,m as can be fighting and opposing the system.

I was struck like lightenning on my relaease on 96 fromBh at the culture shock and dificulties involved. The nature of this living death was not anticipated, and i am sure tha at least some of you have hit this hurdle by now.i suppose a few deaths and about 5 years , to pass this barrier,> Who would have thought it worse in release, than when the hammer goes don with the beaks Life sentance.
Yes the own saftey rule is very real, on release. The danger to others card is not a viable one, in the overwhelming majority of long term cases. Of course they overpaly and milk it dry either way, and one really has to put ones foot down. They do not understand and never will. They have never been their. They do in fact, as we all know deliver a programn that is well and truly contrary to our requirements, and we damn well know it.perhaps it osi outb of ignorance and not intentional. One thing for sure in termes of psychology and forensic psychiatry they do not know what they are talking about. We know that for sure.

I would well and truly like a bit of accurate info of the traffic and results that i have travelled with, but we are , especially i, virtually banned from contact.I have an approximate idea, of the score , in totality, though, and i know that the worst is being delivered. That the cover up of tracks ansd evidence of the work thathas been going on will stop at nothing.
In some respects this is very, very bad news.. But on sites like this some rays of hope can be deliverred when available.
recent turn of events have some positive feed back .
, in that the killing mnmachine and dirty-tricks and cover up depts have been loosing a massive ammount of groyund in recent times, and this happens to be about the first time they have sufferred so heavully on this one. although very little in the world out here knows what is happenning within, it has still now come to the public attention, the full strength of these imposters error for everybody. Out here they are well and truly tumbled, on the self same programn, so it looks promising, for those interned in this respect.
however the law dictates much, and at the end of the day it does not alter the legal position for most detained, it simply puts half the system workers on the same menu.The stay out silicon chip full time operates, one must remember out here, where as thodse detained have the full time getout silicon programn. panic attacks either way.
legally speaking the situation is grave for freedom. IAnsd there is no sign of fundemental law being changed. It is exceedingly hard to gain freedom on almost any section.
Now and always.

However opinions are fundementally floored by a legal eye , in the majority of cases, so many could look at their facts pertaining to this.Most shrinks listen to the voices and scribble down the first thought thatcomes along.
If a legal bod could do the work to cross check the differance between opinion and fact over the years a massive dossier would render the entirety of opinion gathered as unsafe.
Legal bods are in it up to the neck as well, they will always go as to the fashionable way, on this issue, after all they want to keep any status quo going they canm get. The alternative is not that good for anybody, except peole who are already interned.

I suppose it must be recognized how key my case is as a trap, which has caught many of the flies in ikts stickytrap.A trail , circumstantially has delivered a most damning result in its observable effects on this syhstem of criminal treatment.But as far as launching prsecuteable vengeance and a clean up of the system back to good health, no, it is beyond recovery, it is too deseased for redemption.
One must not forget, that the community in geberal has been untreated for 30 years with cronic ally virused minds. It is no way a them and us situation. There just would not be enough dustbins to put them in. The mythand fallacy, that anything whatsover has evr been cotained is blown open, on the dispaly of what lies beneath the surface of the majority, when the can of worms is openned.
Themyth of the new age and the kingdom come bullshit is exploded in most peoles minds as well. But the problem just gets worse as more and more minds break down under the the programn to to shine a light on the real nature of the situation.

So very bleak indeed in terms of a utopian answer, but well worth perservering at the important and basic level, of removing the detainment factor.
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