Patmoor (patmoor) wrote,

Update June 2017

In the light of supersoldier disclosures on the internet, I think it is worth a comment that some black ops do involve high security areas like prison and medical psychiatric facilities .Very relevant therefore would be the goings on of Broadmoor and other special hospitals.
I can confirm that some sensitive operations and experiments occur there and in the community..The experimental psychology is well documented.In fact a lot of what goes down is perfectly transparent.Some information is sensitive because it is not understood by lay people because it is scientifically complicated.
For example what some refer to as Truth drug,,(psychiatric medications), is a fact, but there is no secret to it.All it does is to eradicate error in the sensory inputs and deliver the correct information that the senses are receiving. i.e eliminate the hallucination sight in favour of correct sight.So therefore it should not be called so much a truth drug as a correct information processing drug.This sort of explanation tends to blind by the light. Transparancy of information does.

However some medical and drug knowledge is very blinding,if not mind blowing.And there would be a problem if too much was said to the public,especially at the level of half truths.One would say what the hell are in those drugs? This is (supposed) transparent too. Considering disclosures on the internet about biological advancements, we know it is possible to transmit telepathically and store on hard disc information.Also that it possible to re- transmit it to other telepaths from computers.It cannot be disregarded that this is what is happening with psychiatric patients.i.e that they are wired up to central computers transmitting information.This is likely to be the case.
Therefore they have been used as agents for the purpose of information transfer.Also many other things.

In Special hospitals a grteat deal of programning goes on, and also a great deal of mistreatment.Also lengthy periods of detention are normal.So therefor much experimentation anoperations can be conceived.It is true to say special abilities are developed and used.
This brings me back to the link with the supersoldier disclosures on the internet. I would confirm thatthis is going on in these high security establishments, for use by the government/powers that be.These things also go on in the community and workplace.

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