The Doctor Is Nuts.

For 40 years I have been targetted by experimental psychology/psychiatry and by now know most of the tricks.being in such a position gives you access to a great deal of information.Not only about yourself, but the system you are dealing with.

Simply by this information process it became clear to me very early on that colassal erorrs of judgement are made in  the hospital machinery.And information as to the reasons for this is accessable.

As other patients have also realized, almost unanimously, The staff and doctors/clinicians/health workers and legal workers,deliver enough information to be diagnosed very seriously.As do the Police and authorities in the community.Also I might add military.

It would not be such a problem if these people were not in positions of power and responsibility.

They are extremely dangerous as can be seen when they are in  poseession of guns etc, as are the police.Also system people are in this category.The Blacklist is not a genuine list.It is a targeted list of people to be terminated insociety,s power struggle.


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