I am, well aware that a lot of the prosecution material used to hold a detainee is often misinformation, and that is standard procedure of not only services but government departments, Home Office and C3 division as well.The onus of proof should be on them but it is not.Legal defence teams would not get work if they refused to accept these basic precepts of misinformation as a starting point in  defending a client.Crown Prosecutions Services also use misinformation as a standard practice to secure a prosecution.Guilty until proved innocent.It is up to you not to let them  get away with it.

Many clients are well educated in forensic legal techniques, in many cases much better than professionals, especially in regard to their own cases, and therefore should try to put the information together to win a release from sections and detainments,themselves.

Obviously online tools are most effective.For those who cannot do this, they may be able to find ways to put information to paper, and find someone to use the online stuff.


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