Patmoor (patmoor) wrote,

Setting Up Your Own Journal Page.

This is not very difficult if you have basic skills in using the Windows or Apple operating system.
A Journal such as this is the easiest and cheapest option.It doesnt cost anything to register and start using and posting your journal. Create your own account at the following web address.You need to choose a user name and password.Have an Email address and verify it by returning their email confirmation of you registration.
to make it more attractive go to settings/manage/ and then to "customize your LJ appearance".
This will give you options of free as well as paid choices of design of your journal pages.
Then go into the Profile heading and put your choices info of settings you want.Also on the edit Prfile tab you can upload a photo from you computer to make things look good on your posts and front page.
Start posting.
It is also possible to use mobile phone or tablet with this journal.
If you want to use professional options such as lots of links etc you will have to upgrade your acout to a "Professional Package" which costs about $19.99 a year.
If you want a design that is not a free one it will cost you about $25-$30 ,as one off payment.
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