A Website.

If you know you way around the digital stuff, a website self build package is easy enough, once you, ve done it once.Dont be put off
I use: https://www.1and1.co.uk
A basic MyWebsite package from them.costs about £10-£15 a month.A domain name anywhere between £10 and £24 a year, ,premium domain names can sell for £4000 or more.
Email box package, My Basic Email costs about £4.99 a month with plenty of email boxes, or £1.99 email box pack with 20 email boxes.
Not too expensive for those with the required digital skills.But if you pay for a website to be built for youfrom one of these packages it would cost £500 for the work, and that would be for a minimal site and extra for maintaining and adding to it.
Alternatively pay for someone who is active to publish your information notes, and share the costs involved.That should be very cheap.